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Nintendo is reported to be working on remastering classic Mario games this year

The original Super Mario Bros game was launched in Japan back in 1985 which is now thirty five years ago and to mark the anniversary it has been reported that Nintendo would be planning remastering a selection of classic Mario games for the Nintendo Switch. According to Video Games Chronicle, who has had multiple stories surrounding this, Nintendo will be remastering many of the classic Mario games for the Switch, including […]

This is the Animal Crossing edition of the Nintendo Switch

The new Animal Crossing themed Nintendo Switch console is the latest themed Switch release – and it is gorgeous! The design of this version of the Switch is inspired by the Animal Crossing: New Horizons game. The Joy-Con controllers are in lovely pastel green and blue colours; The wrist straps are colour matched with the corresponding Joy-Con, we think this is a nice added touch from Nintendo. The back of […]

Mario Kart Tour multiplayer will be available 8th March

Mario Kart Tour has been on the iPhone and Android for a few months now, when it launched on the iPhone first, shortly after the iPhone 11 was launched it was a massive hit, as it was the first time Mario Kart in any form was launched on non-Nintendo hardware. But it had one big glaring omission – multiplayer, as Mario Kart isn’t really Mario Kart without playing with your […]

Nintendo releases coral Switch Lite

Today Nintendo has dropped a new colour for the Switch Lite, we have grey, blue, yellow and now starting today coral as a new colour option. It does look pink however, but like all good tech products it has its own special name for the colour. Nintendo is calling this one “Living Coral.” – How nice. The coral Switch Lite will be available in the US and Japan starting the […]

Nintendo has sold over 52 million Switch consoles

Over the holiday quarter it seemed most companies did pretty well with sales, Apple had record sales of the iPhone 11 and revenue and profit was up too. Now Nintendo has revealed its sales figures for the most recent period. Nintendo sold 10.81 million Nintendo Switch units over the holidays which is now a total of 52.48 million in total, up to the end of last year. The company is […]

Nintendo has now discontinued the NES Classic Edition

News from Alex and Ed Gaming The Nintendo NES Classic was a massive hit last Christmas, a lot of people did wait a long time to get hold of one for a number of months and also up to recently. But now Nintendo has killed off the the Classic Edition of the NES, the retro throwback console may be available on some websites still and eBay, but the company has […]

Super Mario Run will be on Android this week

Super Mario Run was announced along side the iPhone 7 last September, the Nintendo CEO presented the new game on stage and said it’ll be on iOS later in the year, which turned out to be 15th December. Since then the game has only been on iOS. Apple did bag the temporary exclusive, but Nintendo is now sticking to its promise and will launch the game on Android later the […]

Nintendo Chief Satoru Iwata dies, age 55

Earlier today, Nintendo reported that President Satoru Iwata has died at age 55. Iwata had been at the gaming company since 1983 and helped develop EarthBound, leading the company and to the Wii. But at E3 2014 he had to miss the conference because of health issues and later last year to have surgery to remove a growth. Nintendo is currently been run by Genyo Takeda and Shigeru Miyamoto for […]

Nintendo 2DS launches in two new 90s inspired designs

News from Alex and Ed Gaming Nintendo, has launched a new colour version of the Nintendo 2DS, inspired by the nineties. Nintendo showed what the future might look like, it was a device with translucent casing At the time, Game Boys were offered in the see-through cases. Now, the Nintendo 2DS is offered in the promised casing, Crystal Red and Crystal Blue are new versions of the handheld console. The Nintendo 2DS will […]