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Virgin Media and O2 might be considering a merger

According to sources from The Guardian, O2 and Virgin Media are discussing a potential merger between the two companies, a result which would bring together the two mobile networks, their home internet and TV offerings. Telefonica and Liberty Global own each company respectively. Bringing together the two might help give them an advantage over BT and EE. BT acquired EE back in 2016 which cost over £12 million. The Guardian reported that John […]

O2 launches new flexible plans, allowing you to alter data caps on the fly

Mobile contracts and just contracts have always been very closed and locking you down into things for a certain amount of time and mostly in the US, over charging for a lot of stuff. With the help of some laws from the relevant governments and just customer demands, a lot of the carriers are now working to better please the customer. One of the most recent government backed improvements was […]

Three is looking to buy O2 for £10.25 billion

A rumour about this appeared not long ago, but now the deals real. Hutchison Whampoa is looking to buy O2 from Telefonica. Hutchison Whampoa is a Hong-Kong based company which owns Three UK and it has revealed that its has had some “exclusive negations” with Telefonica to buy the UK mobile network, O2 for £10.25 billion. The actual deal isn’t complete, but the UK mobile network market is seeing a big […]