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Philips adds HomeKit Adaptive Lighting support to its Hue bulbs

Philips has been makings its Hue line of smart light for a long time now and as one of the earlier mainstream company’s to get on board with Apple’s HomeKit and now starting today, it is the first bulb manufacturer to roll out support for HomeKit Adaptive Lighting, a feature which is new with iOS 14. The feature is designed to change the colour temperature over the course of the […]

The first generation Philips Hue Bridge hub will lose access to the internet in April

Phillips introduced the original Hue Bridge back in 2012, at the same the company released the Hue line of light bulbs and now eight years later, Phillips has announced that on the 30th April 2020 the first generation hub will lose access to the internet and to any connected services that it works with currently. The first generation hub currently works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa but not Apple […]