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New Volkswagen Polo GTI on sale now in UK

Volkswagen has today put the new Polo GTI on sale in the UK, with races starting at £26,430. It is based on the latest Polo which went on sale in September, VW announced the new Polo GTI in June. VW has done away with the two models here, GTI and GTI+, instead having one standard model which is based on the Life trim level for included equipment. The engine in […]

Volkswagen launch new Polo Match to replace the SE

This week, Volkswagen has updated the Polo range to include a new trim level, the Polo Match which will now take the place of the SE in the line up. Starting at £16,465, you now get 15-inch alloy wheels, front fog lights, rear tinted-windows, and front and rear parking sensors. All of those options were optional extras on the SE. All the other trim levels of the Polo still remain, […]