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Tim Cook’s interview with CBS will air tomorow with a “big announcement”

Tim Cook spoke to CBS on This Morning earlier today and he spoke about the events which happened at the US Capitol last week. The interview will be airing in full tomorow and we can expect a “big announcement” from Apple CEO, Tim Cook so says Gayle King, host of This Morning. The announcement won’t be a new product, but in light of all the privacy issues lately, it is expected to be […]

Tim Cook says Apple will donate to help the Coronavirus relief in China

Over the weekend, Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted out that Apple would be donating money to help the ongoing coronavirus efforts. The virus has been spreading over the past few weeks and days, mainly in China where there have been 2,068 cases with 56 deaths so far. The virus has spread to the US and France so far. As people in China and around the world celebrate the Lunar New […]