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TP-Link launches new smart plug with HomeKit support

TP-Link makes some popular home accessories, from bulbs to smart plugs and now finally, support for HomeKit. TP-Link has been holding out on supporting Apple’s smart home standard for a while now, but recently the company launched a new plug with HomeKit support. The new Kasa Smart Plug is on sale now in the US, at a cost of around $12.50 per plug, with a four pack on Amazon now […]

New WiFi standard 802.11ad is three times faster than normal WiFI

At CES this week TP-Link unveiled the first consumer router which has the brand new 802.11 standard running at a whopping 60Ghz, the conventional bands used in the hoe environment are 2.4GHz and 5GHz maxing out at around 1,300mbps using 802.11ac. This new standard unveiled by the WiFI Alliance back in 2014 runs at a much higher 60GHz and supports around 7.2Gbps at short distances, basically in the same room with […]