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Which cameras work with Ubiquiti UniFi Protect?

In this short guide, we’re going to look at which Ubiquiti camera models are compatible with the UniFi Protect software. UniFi Protect was launched back in 2019 to replace UniFi Video and has an impressive compatibility list, dating back to some original UniFi video cameras as well as the G2 line of devices. Which cameras work with Ubiquiti UniFi Protect? The only cameras which don’t work are the ‘G1’ devices, […]

Ubiquiti launches UniFi Protect 2.1.1, adds Smart Detection to G4 Instant

Today, after a while in the beta process – Ubiquiti has launched UniFi Protect version 2.1.1. There is a long list of improvements and bug fixes, but two of the main ones caught our eye. The first one was the addition of Smart Detections for the G4 Instant. When Ubiquiti announced this tiny wireless camera back in November 2021, the original announcement video said that the camera would support Smart […]

Ubiquiti launches the UniFi Protect NVR

Today, Ubiquiti has launched the all new ‘UniFi Protect Network Video Recorder’ or the UNVR4 as we’ll refer to it in this article. This is a 1U, rack mountable network storage and camera controller server for UniFi Protect, Ubiquiti’s proprietary network video system. For those out there familiar with UniFi Protect, this is big news in a few ways. First, a little history Before UniFi Protect, the options for UniFi […]