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Ubiquiti pushes UniFi Talk UK launch back to end of October

Ubiquiti was originally intended to launch UniFi Talk here in the UK in Q3 2023, at least thats what was planned according to the official Ubiquiti store. However, Q3 2023 has been and gone with it now being Q4 as of 1st October. Ubiquiti has offered some explanation when asked, stating “We are close on UK launch; hoping to have it in EA by the end of October.” This means […]

Ubiquiti UniFi Talk is coming to the UK in Q3 2023

UniFi Talk has been offering UniFi Talk in the US since July 2021 and since June 2023 for Canada. However, many people have been asking for support for more countries. Well, when Ubiquiti redesigned the store the all of the UniFi Talk phones were added to the store for pretty much all areas, including the EU and UK a place where UniFi Talk is not yet available. However, we spotted […]

Ubiquiti now offering UniFi Talk in Canada

Back in April this year we reported that Ubiquiti had started to offer UniFi Talk in Canada, but what had actually happened is that Ubiquiti had started offering the unlocked phone models without the paid UniFi Talk phone plan. Hopefully that makes sense. However, starting today Ubiquiti is now offering the UniFi Talk plan as well as the cheaper locked phone devices. As of UniFi Talk 1.21.0, customers in Canada […]