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Smaller Ubiquiti UXG leaked in 7.5.165 controller files

In a recent EA version of the UniFi Network controller, the new upcoming smaller routing products from Ubiquiti have been leaked. u/NotStewpidAidan over on Reddit found the images within the files of the new network controller version, with references to a UXG Pro V2, UXG and a new UX device. UX This is probably the most interesting, with it going to be called “UniFi Express” with add on mesh nodes, […]

Ubiquiti releases new USG firmware, version 4.4.51

Today, Ubiquiti has released a new firmware update for the UniFi Security Gateway line of devices. Version 4.4.51 has already been pushed to controllers and fixes quite an important security issues, one was where attackers could crash the PPPoE process on the USG, so long as the attackers is on the same broadcast domain. Version 4.4.51 is now out for the USG-3P, USG Pro 4 and the now discontinued USG-XG. […]