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Volkswagen and Tesco partner up to provide electric charging across the UK

Volkswagen, Tesco and Pod Point are all teaming up to provide more electric car chargers while you’re out shopping. By the end of next year, all three companies are aiming to have 400 Tesco stores populated with convenient charging stations – which will be installed by Point Point. So far, there are 100 stores which have charging stations installed. The chargers are and will be available across the UK and […]

Volkswagen will be paying every diesel car owner $7,000

The recent emissions scandal with Volkswagen is hitting the company hard, if the bad press wasn’t enough now the US district court has ordered that VW should pay every owner of a diesel car which was affected by diesel car $7,000 for the trouble, in total this will cost Volkswagen around $10 billon. If you’re looking at this and thinking you’ll be expecting $7,000 from VW bad luck, the report suggests […]