It has almost been three years since Apple introduced the latest generation of iPods, back in 2012 the 5th generation iPod touch and iPod nano were unveiled – for a while people have thought that the iPod may be discontinued what with Apple Music being launched, storing music is becoming less of a common thing to do.

Recently released iTunes 12.2 users have noticed that when restoring an iPod or setting one up for the first time a new image greets users with a new hue for the iPod touch, iPod nano and iPod shuffle. As in the image the iPod touch is now in a darker blue, the iPod nano in a a light gold which is like the iPhone and the iPod shuffle is in a bright pink colour.

New iPods?

The story which was originally reported on MacRumors and was sent in by a user may be some new upcoming iPods or it could be a mistake but a recent uncovering from MacRumors has found even more images of the new colours and more for the iPod lineup.


The images show six colours for the iPod touch, nano and shuffle – in silver, space grey, red, bright pink, deep blue and light gold. The pink, blue and gold are the new colours in the lineup. The iPods seem to be the same as the current models, but we are uncertain as to what Apple is going to do with the range.

SOURCE: MacRumors – information and images.