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Apple is expected to class many iPod models as obsolete later this month

According to a report from MacRumors earlier today, Apple is expected to mark many iPod models as obsolete later this month. Apple typically classes a device as obsolete once it has been in the vintage status for a while. Apple considers devices as ‘vintage’ once it has been around for about five years. After this, Apple then moves them to the ‘obsolete’ status. Once a device is ‘vintage’, this doesn’t mean Apple […]

20 years ago today, the original iPod was introduced

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the original iPod, when it was announced by a financially recovering Apple back in 2001. Steve Jobs announced it at the Town Hall in Apple’s old headquarters, Infinite Loop. Back in 2001, Apple had really only offered its Mac lineup and iTunes, obviously the company had dabbled with the Newton before Jobs returned to the company and helped put it back on track, revamping […]

Apple launches new, faster iPod touch

Yesterday, on Tuesday this week Apple announced that a new 7th generation iPod touch is out. Main features are that it is now based on the iPhone 7 internals as opposed to the iPhone 6 with the last model – from 2015. What’s new? The new iPod touch shares a lot of the same components as the last two models, with the 5th generation from 2012 and the 6th generation […]

16 years ago today, the first iPod was unveiled

Today is a big milestone in Apple’s history, 16 years ago today Steve Jobs stock to the stage at the Apple Town Call at Apple’s campus and unveiled the next big thing for the company, at leas for the foreseeable 9 years. Steve Jobs showed off the iPod, which at the time had a 3.5mm headphone jack (shocker), a hold switch, non-colour screen and a physical click wheel which actually […]

Brand new iPod touch launches, 6x faster and new colours

As rumoured last week some readers of MacRumors found images of potential new iPod models with the launch of iTunes 12 – and now they have been launched. Last week we reported that a image of new colours for the iPod lineup was spotted in iTunes 12 when setting up a new iPod or restoring a device – it was speculated that the devices would be updated on the 14th July as on […]

Are we going to see new iPods soon?

It has almost been three years since Apple introduced the latest generation of iPods, back in 2012 the 5th generation iPod touch and iPod nano were unveiled – for a while people have thought that the iPod may be discontinued what with Apple Music being launched, storing music is becoming less of a common thing to do. Recently released iTunes 12.2 users have noticed that when restoring an iPod or […]

‪‎iPod‬ shuffle stock disappears from Apple retail stores

Apple’s cheapest iPod, the now nearly five year old iPod Shuffle is having stock issues, recently the supply of it has dwindled in both Apple’s retail store and the online store. Apple has also warned its retail employees that the supplies of the iPod shuffle will be a bit low for an unspecified amount of time, so customers who are looking to purchase an iPod shuffle will have to buy […]