The next big Samsung flagship may use the latest USB standard on the next big Galaxy phone. As always, Apple is pushing the next big thing and a lot earlier than everyone else, earlier this year with the new MacBook a lot of people weren’t very happy that, yet again they had to use a new standard but very quickly other companies adopted the port and USB Type-C may become the standard for everything, maybe replacing microUSB as well. As soon as the MacBook was released, companies such as Google, OnePlus and Nokia begun adopting the new port into their products. Now Samsung may be the latest company to bring the new port into their phones.

The widely rumoured Samsung Galaxy S7 may adopt USB Type-C in favour of the long used microUSB. This news comes from tech website SamMobile which claims that “sources” have suggested that Samsung is planning on using USB Type-C in the next Galaxy flagship.

This decision would make sense as just this year, adoption of the new connector has taken off as the recently announced Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P have USB Type-C as well as the OnePlus 2. Computers such as the new MacBook have it as the only port as it combines video, power and data all in one, it;s the software which changes the function of the pins to adapt to the use case. This means you could use the same cable that comes with your phone to do different tasks, the same cable can charge your phone as well as hook it up to a display.