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Finding song lyrics hasn’t be overly hard in the past but anything to speed up finding information online can only be a good thing. Google has always offered small snippets or cards for relevant
informationsuch as local businesses, weather, data conversions, interactive calculator and more – offering up the information you need above the search results.

Weather card, based on location or search
Weather card, based on location or search

If you’re in the UK and try searching for song lyrics like I did, it won’t work as the service is only available in the United States for the time being, however over the pond Google is partnering with LyricFind to offer up the data and this also includes the licensing, which also creates a revenue income for artists. Also the more the lyrics for a certain song are viewed the more the artist receives.

Google’s search cards may not save a significant amount of time, but like everything on the web a few seconds certainly adds up, this new lyrics card just means you won’t need to click and visit another site to just find the lyrics.