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As we’re coming to the end of July, the rumours have been settling down over the last few months about what the new iPhone will look like and what features Apple will be adding in this time around. Now details have leaked regarding the launch date of the iPhone 7.

Evan Blass who is a well known mobile phone news leaker and predictor has revealed that the new iPhone 7 will be launched in the week of September 12th

Some previous rumours from the past few months have speculated that the iPhone 7 will have no headphone jack, the smaller iPhone 7 may have a better camera and optical image stabilisation.

Blass did tweet last week regarding the new iPhone launch and apparently he has some internal codenames for the iPhone 7 which are “Sonara” and “Dos”

This week in September is the usual time that Apple has been using for the past few years when announcing new iPhones, so this rumour could be pretty sound.

Source: Evan Blass and MacRumors

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