Even though the general consensus is that quite a few millennials are leaving Facebook, the latest user and active users figures from the company are contradicting this idea. The widespread thought that some younger users were using Facebook less as there was a fear of it being too embarrassing with grandparents and parents adopting the social media platform. This week Facebook has released new user figures for users and revenue.


In terms of the raw amount of users, Facebook recently announced during its Q1 earnings call that there is now 1.94 billion monthly active users, as of March 31st. Since this time in 2016, 300 million users have signed up. Also Facebook has taken the Stories feature and planted it on nearly every product, Instagram Stories has 200 million users, whereas Snapchat as a whole has 161 million users. WhatsApp Status, which is very similar to Stories has 175 million users. Facebook hasn’t published any user stats for it’s own Stories feature.

Facebook’s developments

So far in 2017, Facebook has been very busy. The social media giant has launched Stories on Facebook and the same feature on Instagram, which was launched in August last year – it now has more users than Snapchat itself. Zuckerburg is also tackling the ever ongoing issue of fake news.

What’s next

Considering as of this year, there is 7.5 billion people in the world and Facebook has nearly 2 billion of that using Facebook, just shows how influential one platform can be.

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Update 05/5/17 20:52 – Updated user figures and Facebook Stories info.