This month, back up service Backblaze has announced that they are increasing prices slightly this year from March 11th.


For those unfamiliar with Backblaze, it is a superb secondary or primary backup solution for your Windows PC or Mac. It offers unlimited, always on backup to the cloud, it plays nice with Time Machine on macOS and has it’s own application for Windows.

Starting on March 11th this year, the monthly plan will be increasing from $5 to $6 and the yearly plan will go up $10 from $50 to $60.

Why are they increasing the cost?

The increase in cost is very minimal, when you look at what Backblaze offers.

“The short answer is that we have enhanced the service in many ways and storage costs have gone up. We have continually removed impediments to getting data backed up — no file size restrictions, speeding up uploads, all while data sets have grown larger and larger. We’ve worked hard to avoid raising our prices, which resulted in some great storage innovations and has allowed us to keep our original prices for more than a decade”


For customers who want to upgrade early, Backblaze is offering existing customers to extend their subscription for another year for the current price of $50 per device.

If you do want to read more, Backblaze has a good blog post up on the price increases.

Source: Backblaze Press

As A&T Tech is a United Kingdom based site, once we have found the UK pricing, we will update this post. We have reached out to Backblaze for any UK prices.