The NHS is going to be starting to use electric cars for personal and business use, a new deal between the NHS and Jaguar Land Rover will see 700 new Jaguar I-Pace all electric SUVs to be leased on a three year plan with the Northumbria Healthcare’s NHS Fleet Solutions.

The program is being funded by employees with a salary sacrifice.

“Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust reached a deal with Jaguar Land Rover UK which offered a very desirable car, at an attractive price which we knew would be welcomed by our public sector colleagues. The transition to 0% BiK in April has also led to an increased demand for public sector workers wanting to drive environmentally friendly vehicles – which they now have a tax incentive to do so.”

Spokesperson – Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

The Jaguar I-Pace cars being leased are only the entry level version, the S which is priced at £64,495. The main reason that the NHS is looking into electric vehicles is they simply want to reduce carbon emissions, they aim to reduce its emissions by 80% before the year 2050 and getting some electric cars into use def helps start that process.

“To have a fleet of cars that are fully electric demonstrates our ongoing commitment to making decisions that reduce our impact on the environment and help us become greener.”

Sir James Mackey – Chief Executive of Northumbria Healthcare

The NHS is looking to start using the I-Pace cars in April this year.