Top Gear returned to our screens a few weeks ago and it has already been pretty popular, Chris, Paddy and Freddie have already had a British summer holiday with three convertibles in Essex, built an off road car based on Bedford Rascal to compete with the new Land Rover Defender and just last week on Sunday, the three took American cars to Peru on a road trip.

Earlier today, Chris Harris and Freddie were both on BBC Breakfast this morning to announce that starting with Series 29 of Top Gear, which will air later this year – will for the first time in over 40 years, the show will be moving back from BBC Two to BBC One. Top Gear has been on BBC Two for 43 years.

Chris and Freddie were both on BBC Breakfast this morning

“The time is right to move the world’s best motor show to the nation’s most popular channel and bring it to an even broader audience on BBC One.”

Charlotte Moore – Director of BBC Content

“Paddy, Freddie and Chris’s effortless chemistry and humour has struck a chord with audiences of every age and taken the show somewhere special, so I suspect things will get bigger, better and crazier when we arrive on BBC One.”

Ralph Lee – Director of Content, BBC Studios

The current series of Top Gear will continue to be on BBC Two, but once Series 29 starts later this year, it will be on BBC One.