On Sunday last week, The Times reported that Jaguar has had to temporarily stop production of the electric I-Pace, due to battery shortages. Jaguar source batteries for the I-Pace from LG Chem, which are manufactured in Poland.

Production of the I-Pace ended yesterday in Austria, where Jaguar contracts the production of the E-Pace and the I-Pace to Magna Steyer.

The Verge spoke to Jaguar earlier this week who said – “Jaguar Land Rover has adjusted production schedules of the Jaguar I-PACE in Graz due to temporary supplier scheduling issues. We are working with the supplier to resolve this and minimise impact on customer orders.”

This is actually the third time Jaguar had to temporarily stop production of the I-Pace due to battery supply issues.

Once we have any more information, we will provide and update here on A&T Tech

Source: The Times