This week on Tuesday, Google’s Nest had a major outage which affected the entire cloud system for Nest cameras. Nest had an issue with a scheduled software update, which didn’t go quite right.

“scheduled storage server software update that didn’t go as intended”

The 17 hour outage obviously affected all of the Nest cameras, including the Nest Cam IQ cameras, the Nest Hello Doorbell and also, the Nest Hub Max.

Everything went offline at around 12pm PT time and came back online again at 4pm PT. Rishi Chandra, the Google Nest VP issued an apology.

“We’re still doing some investigating, but at this point I can share that the issue was due to a scheduled storage server software update that didn’t go as intended. Whenever something like this occurs, we carefully look across our systems to figure out how to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

Ubiquiti Networks jumped on the bandwagon to push UniFi Protect during the outage on Twitter.

Learn more about UniFi Protect here

Source: 9to5Google