Google Domains has been sold to Squarespace

Last week, this news was just dropped on us and it caused quite a stir. Google Domains is being sold to Squareapce for an undisclosed sum, but 10 million domains are being transferred to the website hosting company from Google, the entire deal is set to be finalised in Q3 2023. This will also change the process for existing and new Google Workspace customers. New customers will now handle billing […]

YouTube is making it easier to join the YPP

YouTube has announced this week an upcoming change to the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) and the eligibility to sign up for the program is coming down, meaning smaller channels now need less subscribers and less watch hours to become eligible to start being monetised. Currently, as the new conditions haven’t yet gone public, creators need: At least 1,000 subscribers and either 4,000 watch hours in the past year or 10 […]

Google is planning on deleting accounts that haven’t been used for over two years

Google has this week has announced that it will be updating its policy on inactive accounts. The policy will come into effect soon and will not affect accounts for schools and businesses. One of the reasons is due to that older accounts are more likely to be compromised, as less secure practices of security are likely to be used such as weak passwords and no 2FA enabled. Google has said […]

YouTube is testing blocking ad-blockers

Google has recently been spotted testing blocking ad-blockers on YouTube. Last week, a screenshot popped up on Reddit, saying that “Ad blockers are not allowed on YouTube” and that ads help keep YouTube free for billions of users, worldwide. However, since the post it was confirmed by a YouTube employee that it is just an experiment for now. It wouldn’t be surprising however, if this decision does become a feature […]

Nest Thermostat now works with Apple HomeKit, thanks to Matter

Earlier this week, Google revealed that the latest generation of Nest Thermostat now supports Apple HomeKit, thanks to the addition of Matter. Starting on Tuesday, the Nest Thermostat model released in 2020 has been updated to support Matter, the new smart home standard that allows multiple platforms to communicate with each other. “Great news! We’re rolling out Matter compatibility for our newest Nest Thermostat released in 2020. This means you […]

Google to drop support for Nest Secure and Dropcam next year

Not every piece of technology lasts forever and with the advent of cloud services, not everything is supported forever either. Today, Google has announced that starting on 9th April 2024, the Nest Secure and any Dropcam devices will no longer be supported. There’s no need to panic just yet, as Google is giving them at least one more year of life, before they become useless. Nest purchased Dropcam back in […]

Google Stadia is being shut down today

Today is the day Google is shutting down its game streaming service, Stadia. The service was launched back at the end of 2019 and the main reason for killing it off, was it failed to catch on with customers like the comply was expecting. The servers will be shut down at 11:59pm PT later today. Google intended to have the platform run in a variety of places, including PCs, Chromebooks, […]

Google is set to end Chrome support for Windows 7 and 8.1 next year

Google is going to be ending support for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 next year, with a final last update for the popular browser. The last update will be available on 7th February 2023, but this date is tentative a the moment. Running an unsupported browse can cause many issues, as any security issues or bugs found after the fact won’t be addressed and could leave users at risk. After […]

Google to start offering 5Gbps and 8Gbps speeds with Google Fiber in 2023

Google is planning on rolling out much faster internet speeds in the US, via its Google Fiber offering. After years of inactivity, Google is taking an interest in improving broadband in areas that need it and part of that rapid rollout is a major increase in speeds. For a while, the best speeds on offer from Google Fiber was 1Gbps, then it was increased to 2Gbps in 2020. However, going […]

Google announces new Nest WiFi Pro router, now with WiFi 6E

Google has today announced an all new Nest WiFi Pro router, now with support for WiFi 6E. The new units have a fresh design, opting instead for a glossy exterior. While the new Nest WiFi Pro supports 6GHz and Matter, it is more expensive than the standard Nest WiFi router. The Nest WiFi Pro is a similar shape to the outgoing model, with a rounded sphere, which Google has says […]