This week, Jaguar has updated the all electric I-Pace for 2020 to now included faster charging and new infotainment screen. The I-Pace used to have a 7kW charger on board and now has a 11kW charger which is now three phase too.

For charging speed this now means an extra 11 miles can be added per hour, when using an 11kW AC wallbox on a house. On the previous I-Pace with a 7kW charger it would take over 12 hours to charge up at 22 miles per hour, with the 11kW charger it’ll now take over 8 hours at 33 miles per hour.

DC chafing at 100kW is still offered at public charging stations and can give the 78 miles in around 15 minutes.

The infotainment in a JLR products has never been a real highlight, however the new system in the new Land Rover Defender has been rated very highly and JLR has now used it in the new I-Pace. It has a 12.3-inch digital instrument screen as well as a 10-inch screen and a second 5-inch screen in the infotainment area.

The Pivi Pro system has live traffic info as well as on screen information about the charging of the battery. Also, the I-Pace now has an eSIM integrated with a free 4G data plan for mapping information.

Jaguar now has the new I-Pace on sale now, starting at £65,195.

Source: Jaguar