Here in the UK, Shell has stopped selling LPG gas on its forecourts due to low demand from customers. Shell supplied Autogas, which was a joint venture between Calor and Shell and the last Shell garage to stop selling did so on 29th October 2020.

“Autogas is a joint venture between Shell and Calor and, although drivers of LPG vehicles will no longer be able to refuel at Autogas sites at Shell service stations, there remains a large network of LPG sites across the UK, with infrastructure available to support LPG drivers.”


What looks like now
What looks like now

There isn’t many car models on the market that can take LPG in the UK, the only few come from Dacia with the Duster, Sandero and Logan MCV. With the ever increasing move away from fossil fuels to electric cars, it isn’t much of a surprise that Shell has taken this step to stop selling LPG gas.