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Shell garages in the UK stop selling LPG, due to low demand

Here in the UK, Shell has stopped selling LPG gas on its forecourts due to low demand from customers. Shell supplied Autogas, which was a joint venture between Calor and Shell and the last Shell garage to stop selling did so on 29th October 2020. “Autogas is a joint venture between Shell and Calor and, although drivers of LPG vehicles will no longer be able to refuel at Autogas sites […]

Shell is deploying electric car chargers at its stations in the UK

Shell is gearing up to what is next with its next venture, Shell Recharge. This new service is focusing on adding electric car charging stations to its current forecourts. Shell Recharge is currently offered in three locations as of writing, one in Holloway, in London and also in Derby and Whyteleafe, which are both in Surrey. Shell has stated that an additional seven locations, some in London and Reading will […]

You can now pay with PayPal at Shell

The UK mobile payment systems are now on the rise, with contactless cards and now Apple Pay, the UK does have a lot of options for payments. It isn’t just Apple Pay though, for a while now PayPal has long had a way to pay within stores by scanning a barcode at the cashier at shops such as Pets at Home, wagamama (which now takes Apple Pay), GBK and Prezzo. Shell […]