A few weeks ago, the UK Government brought forward the cut off date for the sale of brand new combustion only based cars from 2040 to 2030, with 2035 for hybrids and Honda has responded to say that in Europe at least, it’ll stop selling cars that are only powered by an ICE engine in 2022.

This means that after 2022 the new cars that the company sells will either be fully electric, like the new Honda E or hybrid, at least until 2035 in the UK.

“It will be a combination of full electric and hybrid. Obviously, if the legislation starts to move as we approach 2035, or transitions away from hybrid as well, then we’ll move our technology away from that.”

Honda Senior VP – Ian Howells

Ian Howells also said that there is room for other fuels, not just BEV cars:

“There’s a role to play for e-fuels, for biomass, for hydrogen, to some degree for conventional fuels, and also batteries,