Apple is now considering the first 12-inch MacBook as ‘vintage,’ due to the time passed since it was first put on sale, more than five years ago. Apple introduced it back in March 2015 and it brought a lot of changes that have since come and gone, most notably the butterfly keyboard, which better or for worse made its way to the MacBook Pro a year later.

The first 12-inch MacBook also was the first Mac to have USB-C, with the one single port on the left hand side and a headphone jack on the right hand side. It was also the first time to drop the light up Apple logo, the first with a Force Touch trackpad and the inclusion of the space grey and gold colours.

Apple has made this specific version as vintage, which used to mean that these models could not receive repairs from Apple or even from Apple Authorised Service Providers. However, this is not the case at the moment, this only happens now when a product becomes ‘obsolete,’ which happens when Apple stopped selling it more than seven years ago.

Apple dropped the MacBook line in 2019. For a full list of Apple’s obsolete and vintage products, this support document which is regularly updated is very useful.