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MacBook 12-inch is now considered obsolete by Apple

As of today, Apple is now considering the original MacBook 12-inch from 2015 as obsolete. This sounds worse than it actually is, it essentially means that Apple will no longer be able to repair the device at Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers. Apple will still help you on the phone support, to an extent but at this stage the device was released over eight years ago and was […]

Apple announces brand new MacBook Air with M2 chip

Today at WWDC 2022, Apple has announced the all new MacBook Air, which takes design inspiration from the latest MacBook Pro models, has all new colour choices, a return of MagSafe, upgraded webcam and more. The new MacBook Air has the brand new M2 chip, completely redesigned body and a much brighter display with the same notch found on the new MacBook Pro. There are also some new colour options, […]

Upcoming MacBook Pro models are rumoured to have new 1080p webcam

Apple is due to refresh the higher end MacBook Pro models soon with Apple Silicon, the lower end MacBook Pro 13-inch got the M1 chip last November alongside the Mac mini and MacBook Air but new models released going forward are looking receive full hardware refreshes, as Apple has done with the new M1 iMac in April this year. For the upcoming rumoured 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros, Apple is […]

Apple now classes the original MacBook 12-inch from 2015 as vintage

Apple is now considering the first 12-inch MacBook as ‘vintage,’ due to the time passed since it was first put on sale, more than five years ago. Apple introduced it back in March 2015 and it brought a lot of changes that have since come and gone, most notably the butterfly keyboard, which better or for worse made its way to the MacBook Pro a year later. The first 12-inch […]

Deal: Get almost £100 off the M1 MacBook Air today on amazon.co.uk

Apple’s latest MacBook Air was launched last year in October, it looks very similar if not identical to the previous version with Intel chips, but this is the M1 MacBook Air, with no fans, Apple’s own Arm based M1 chip with an 8-core CPU and GPU, unified memory and good performance. Early reviews praised the performance, lack of heat output and vastly improved battery life. Today on amazon.co.uk, the model […]

Apple announces new 13-inch MacBook Pro, powered by Apple Silicon

Yesterday at the Apple event, Apple announced the new 13-inch MacBook Pro with the new M1 chip, its first in house SoC for the Mac and like in the new Mac mini and MacBook Air it enables more performance, less energy usage and in the laptops – much better battery life. The new MacBook Pro is the same price as before, at £1,299 in the UK and $1299 in the […]

Apple kills of the old non-retina MacBook Pro

With the recent unveiling of the brand new MacBook Pro with Touch ID and Touch Bar – Apple has silently killed off the old MacBook Pro without the retina display. In Apple’s entire computer line up there isnt one which features a disc drive. It’s no surprise. We know this, the entire tech industry introduces new technology and then eventually we can expect it to die, usually with Apple leading the […]

Mac Buyers Guide Summer 2015

So you’re looking to buy a new Mac – maybe for back to school (yes, we said it), the machine you have maybe getting a bit tired or you just fancy a new shiny computer to play with – the A&T Tech Mac Buyer’s Guide for summer 2015 will help you out. Now purchasing a Mac is a bit more complicated than looking to buy a iPhone or iPad, with […]