Ubiquiti today has introduced the all new airFiber 60 HD, a dedicated 60GHz PtP device, with a range of around 2km. Ubiquiti already has a handful of 60GHz PtP radios for sale, with the AF60 and AF60LR in the airFiber family and a few in the airMAX line with Gigabeam, Gigabeam Plus and Gigabeam LR.

All of the mentioned products can do over 1Gbps of throughput, but only have 1Gbps network interfaces. The new airFiber 60 HD is the first airFiber device to have an included 10G SFP+ port, as with channel bonding it can handle up to 6Gbps.

Like other ISP products from Ubiquiti, the airFiber 60 HD can be managed through UISP for historical reporting and remote access as well as the local web GUI.

The airFiber 60 HD is on sale now from Ubiquiti’s official store in the US, EU and UK. Pricing is $359 in the US and is marked as “coming soon.” In the EU it is €383.57 and UK £316.31. In the latter two, the airFiber is currently in stock.

US store link

EU/UK store link