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Ubiquiti announces the new airFiber 60 XR, priced from $999 US

Today, Ubiquiti has unveiled the new airFiber 60 XR, which is on sale now in the US for $999 and you need two to make a link. This looks very similar to the airFiber 60 XG which is the exact same price and design, but the two are quite a bit different. The airFiber 60 XG has a maximum range of 4+ km and comes with a backup 5GHz radio […]

Ubiquiti launches new airFiber 60 HD, on sale now

Ubiquiti today has introduced the all new airFiber 60 HD, a dedicated 60GHz PtP device, with a range of around 2km. Ubiquiti already has a handful of 60GHz PtP radios for sale, with the AF60 and AF60LR in the airFiber family and a few in the airMAX line with Gigabeam, Gigabeam Plus and Gigabeam LR. All of the mentioned products can do over 1Gbps of throughput, but only have 1Gbps […]

ICTP and CISAR use Ubiquiti airFiber and achieve 356mbps across 304km

A non profit organisation in Italy called The Centro Italiano Sperimentazione ed Attività Radiantistiche have achieved a super long distance wireless link using Ubiquiti’s airFiber backhaul radios and large dishes. The link spreads across the water half way and connects at 304km or 189 miles and still manages to transmit 356mbps in full duplex mode. The group used two Ubiquiti airFiber 5X radios which only cost around £400 each and two […]