Yesterday, Starlink launched a brand new plan designed specifically for customers who use an RV regularly. Starlink will sell you the standard dish for £529 in the UK, with a £55 shipping fee and then £114 a month, which can be paused and resumed whenever you need it to be active.

Full UK and US prices are below for RV Starlink:

One of the big differences between the RV version and residential version is that customers can bypass the waitlist and get the Starlink dish delivered pretty quickly. However, this might not be the best decision as the company says that network resources are always de-prioritised for it. As the service is month to month, the service does cost more than the standard residential version. Standard Starlink costs £89.00 per month in the UK and $110 per month in the US.

Starlink has also mentioned that the RV version is not yet suitable for using whilst a vehicle is in motion, likely due to lack of satellite density.