Eve has recently launched a new updated motion sensor, this time with support for Thread. The Eve Motion Sensor only supports Apple HomeKit and can be used around or outside the home to activate other HomeKit accessories, such as outdoor lighting when you arrive back home. The new model has been designed to withstand water and later this year, the device will work with Matter and Thread.

The new second generation replaces the outgoing version and features some new improvements. Most notable is the addition of the low powered protocol, Thread. This joins other Eve products in supporting the new standard and helps create a new more compatible and robust smart home network. The other new feature is an integrated light sensor, which can be used to detect when a room gets dark and turn the lights on.

Later this year, the Eve Motion will receive an over the air update which will make it work with Thread 1.3.0. The new version of Thread will make it work with Matter.

The new Eve Motion is on sale now from the official Eve website, for $40 in the US. It is not yet sold in the UK or listed on Amazon.