Dacia revealed its brand new logo for its brand going forward earlier this year in June and since then the company has been working to change the logo on its dealerships, cars and website. Dacia has now completed the rebranding process and every model in the lineup looks quite a bit different because of it.

Each model has now been tweaked to have the ‘DC’ logo on the front of the grille, as well as sharper designed headlights and the ‘DACIA’ branding on the steering wheel inside the car. Every model has also been ‘de-chromed’ in favour of a flatter clean look.

On the rear of the car, the large ‘DACIA’ lettering is also clear and gone is the shield logo of older models.

Every model from the iconic Sandero to the new small all electric Spring has been redesigned and new models should have the updated branding to show.