Fiat recently announced a company provided grant, which offered £3,000 off the price of a new Fiat 500e. The grant brought the price down of the car significantly and as a result, Fiat has seen a considerable growth in interest in the car, so much so that enquiries for the car in the past month have far exceeded the previous five months.

Here in the UK, EV sales are growing slowly, at this stage in 2022 they made up 14.7% of new vehicle registrations, now in 2023 that has grown to 15.7%.

Fiat introduced the “Fiat E-Grant” which is essentially a discount on the 500e. It was introduced to mark the one year anniversary of the UK government getting rid of the the government provided grant for new electric car purchases. At one point, this was as high as £5,000. Just before being removed, this was only £1,500.

Compared to other European countries, the UK government has had a stark backtrack from any kind of incentives. In Germany for example, it offers €9,000 (£7,715) off the price off a new EV and there are similar schemes in France too.

Fiat has said that its E-Grant won’t last forever, with no firm date on being removed but the company has said that it “would like to keep it at least until the end of the year”.