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Fiat could give the 500 Electric a petrol engine

Fiat currently sells two versions of the 500 hatchback, one which hasn’t really changed a whole lot since its initial introduction in 2007 and then the new Fiat 500 Electric which was introduced in 2020. Italian newspaper Il Corriere della Sera has reported that Fiat has asked its suppliers if they are able to supply parts to increase production at its factory in Mirafiori, Italy, to 175,000 cars per year. […]

Fiat stops selling the Tipo hatch in the UK

After seven years on sale in the UK, Fiat has revealed that the Tipo hatchback is to be removed from sale, as the company is currently revamping its lineup with an emphasis on electrification, as seen by the 500e city car and 600e small crossover. Fiat never sold the Tipo in any great numbers and it has always been outsold by the iconic 500 and the SUVs the company makes. […]

Fiat reveals pricing for the new 600e, will be from £32,995

Fiat has this week revealed the official UK pricing for the new Fiat 600e, after the car was revealed in July earlier this year. In the UK, the base model 600e will start from £32,995 and offer 249 miles of range. The car sits on a new e-CMP2 shared Stellantis platform, shared with the new Jeep Avenger. The new car will go sale in October and will start being delivered […]

Demand for Fiat 500e grown, after new £3,000 grant

Fiat recently announced a company provided grant, which offered £3,000 off the price of a new Fiat 500e. The grant brought the price down of the car significantly and as a result, Fiat has seen a considerable growth in interest in the car, so much so that enquiries for the car in the past month have far exceeded the previous five months. Here in the UK, EV sales are growing […]

Fiat 600e announced with 249 mile range

Fiat has recently debuted the all new 600e crossover, a brand new EV which is going to go head to head with the likes of the upcoming Volvo EX30 and the Kia Niro EV. Being a brand part of Stelantis, the 600e shares the platform from the Jeep Avenger, utilising its battery technology and more. This means a 54kWh battery pack with 249 miles of range. The Fiat is front […]

Fiat Topolino to go on sale in the UK in 2024

This week, Fiat has announced that its take on the Citroën Ami will be coming to the UK next year, after it was revealed earlier in June. The car uses the Ami has a base, since both car companies are under the Stellantis umbrella. Fiat is aiming the car at Generation Z buyers specifically and is primarily designed for urban environments. Like the Ami, the Topolino uses a 8bhp electric […]

Fiat announces plans to no longer make grey cars

This week, Fiat has revealed that going forward, it’ll not be manufacturing cars in grey, promoting the colours of Italy instead. Here in the UK, grey is the most popular colour for a car so it is a bold move to stop offering it, but the company is going for a more vibrant look, which is good as the UK car market looks positively dull in terms of colours. “We […]

Fiat announces new grant for 500 EV customers

Fiat has today revealed a new EV grant for customers of the electric Fiat 500 and 500C. Dubbed the ‘Fiat E-Grant’ the company will be offering this immediately as of today and gives customers £3,000 off the price of the two models. This is after the UK government got rid of the Plug-in Car Grant last June. The Fiat 500 and 500C electric are on sale now from £28,195 for […]

Fiat announces the new Topolino, a retro version of the Citroën Ami

This week, Fiat has revealed its own take on the Citroën Ami with the all-new Topolino. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because it was used back in the early 1900s on a car that was produced from 1936 to 1955. The new car is based on the existing Citroën Ami and is the company’s second EV. Fiat has said that the new Topolino has been designed to “encapsulate the […]

Fiat could reengineer the Citroën Ami as the Topolino

Fiat could be on its way to be making its own version of the Citroën Ami, with a rename as the Topolino. Fiat is part of the Stellantis group as is Citroën and Opel and the Italian company has expressed interest in making its own version of the quadricycle. Fiat boss Olivier François has confirmed to Auto Express that the company is currently engaged in discussions with Citroën and Opel. […]