Honda has revealed that the iconic Honda E electric car won’t be getting a direct replacement anytime soon, due to customer choices that are more towards SUVs. The company has said that, for the foreseeable future, it won’t be making any small electric cars, with an increased focus on SUV models – as they are more popular.

Honda currently has a growing lineup of SUV models, with the CR-V, ZR-V and HR-V. The company has also recently unveiled the all electric e:Ny1, the first electric SUV from Honda.

Rebecca Adamson, head of Honda UK, said:

“There won’t be more cars the size of the Honda E. I can say that confidently. The market demand in the UK is the SUV sector, so that’s why the focus is there. It’s a market-led product line-up. As long as that’s where the market is, we will continue to be SUV driven.”

Our take

The Honda E is a fantastic little car. We have a review of it coming soon to the interface and despite its lofty price tag, less than ideal range it certainly has a lot of charm and character. Used examples can be picked up for around £18,000 in the UK, which is a huge fall from the £37-£38k it costs brand new.

Honda have only sold around 2,000 units in the UK to date, based on data from the DVLA and for this sort of car, it isn’t enough unfortunately. Hopefully the e:Ny1 retinas as much charm as the lovely, little Honda E.