Author: Alex Lowe

Porsche won’t offer Android Auto, only CarPlay as Google collects too much data

For infotainment systems in cars, you’re no spoilt for choice, but that also isn’t a good thing. BMW have their own iDrive system, which isn’t that great and Ford have Sync which is average and so does every car manufacturer, they all have their own systems which work in different ways. But just recently, Apple and Google launched their own systems which work with the iPhone and any Android Phone […]

What is 3D Touch?

With the new iPhone 6s, Apple introduced something called 3D Touch. To get to the point, the iPhone 6s can detect pressure now and this opens up a whole new way to use your iPhone. Apple is calling this “the next generation of Multi-Touch.” With the original iPhone the awe inspiring feature was the ability two swipe through the web and pinch to zoom your photos, this was revolutionary, even more […]

Google has offered reward to man who took over

A couple of weeks back, Sanmay Ved somehow managed to buy for $12/£8. Within a few minutes Google noticed the issue and promptly removed him as the owner and was refunded the cost of the domain. Now, following the mishap Google has offered Mr Ved a cash reward for spotting the issue. This happened on September 29 and he noticed that was available to purchase for a meer $12/£8. […]

Volvo will accept liability for any accidents with self-driving cars

Self-driving cars are the future and a large number of car company’s are getting in on the game to make a car that can drive by it’s self. The one company that is doing it in such expanse that it makes headlines is Google and out of the very few and minor accidents that its cars have had are at fault with a human controlled car which has put some […]

The new Lumia 950 will be on EE and Vodafone

Earlier this week, Microsoft unveiled some new products including the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 but also some new Microsoft Lumia products; the Lumia 950, 950 XL and 550. Shortly after the announcement we have news from UK carriers, EE and Vodafone that they will be carrying the new smartphones from Microsoft. Both companies annouced the news on Twitter. EE didnt supply any news on the Lumia 950 XL or the 550 […]

5G wireless can download at super speeds of 3.6Gbps

We are close to having truly fast internet on our phones with the upcoming 5G wireless technology which will be the next big thing after 4G which had a maximum speed of about 100mbps, but in reality it is 50mbps. 5G is being tested in Japan and the trial runs being ran by Huawei and NTT DoCoMo who are a Japanese phone carrier. Both companies managed to max out the technology […]

Starbucks will add Apple Pay support by early next year

In the US a least, Apple Pay has been out for nearly a year when the service was made available shortly after the launch of the iPhone 6 back in 2014. Also, it has had tremendous support for retailers including; Lego, Apple Store, Macy’s, Subway, Staples and Texaco and so many more. For a full list visit the Apple website. In the UK, we had the service shortly after WWDC at the […]

Clarkson and crew have started filming the Amazon car show

This week, Jeremy Clarkson tweeted out that that him, James May and Richard Hammond have begun filming for the upcoming car show for Amazon Prime Video. Earlier this year, Clarkson unfortunately was fired from the BBC due to a fracas with the shows producer. A few months after the trio and Amazon Prime Video struck a deal to make a Amazon Original series of a car show with the Clarkson, […]

Sony launches new universal remote for PS4

News from Alex and Ed Gaming On Thursday this week, Sony unveiled a new universal remote for the PlayStation 4 which will control the console as well as up to three AV devices. The PS4 universal remote will go on sale later this month in the US for $30 and will work with Netflix, HBO Go, Crunchyroll, Twitch and YouTube. Something interesting is that it uses Bluetooth as apposed to […]

Beats launches new Pill+ with Apple esque design

This week Beats made a surprise announcement with the launch of the new Beats Pill+ which replaces the existing Pill which was originally introduced back in 2012, which is iPhone 5 and iPad mini days. Beats hasn’t launched any new hardware or updates in a while, earlier in the year in May, the company launched the new Solo 2 Wireless in Space Grey, Silver and Golf as well as the […]