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Samsung will reveal details of the exploding Note 7 this month

In the late part of last year, Samsung were in quite a bit of trouble with the Galaxy Note 7. Prelude Samsung launched the phone back in August – just in time to beat the Apple to the iPhone 7 announcement, which happened in the first few weeks in September, unfortunately just shortly after the Note 7 being shipped, reports began appearing of the phone catching fire or even exploding whilst charging. Most […]

Replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 causes fire on plane

The big thing that has been making the headlines is that Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone – the Galaxy Note 7 has been exploding, causing serious burns to people, fires and the latest issue, a fire on a flight from Louisville to Baltimore. Samung has been fighting this issue for a number of weeks where batteries inside the Galaxy Note 7 were exploding and injuring users and causing numerous fires. To combat […]

Samsung is going to launch the Galaxy Note 7 on August 2nd

The awaited phone of the year from Samsung has a release date set. The Korean company today revealed that the new Galaxy Note 7 will be announced in the next few weeks on August 2nd, in New York. The new phone will be available in the UK again and read on below for all the information on the new and upcoming phone. Note 7? The Galaxy Note series is hugely popular […]