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PlayStation 5 is launching in India next month

In a few weeks time, the new PlayStation 5 is set to launch in India for the first time, with news from Sony coming the other day via Twitter. The console will go on sale on 2nd February via Amazon, Flipkart and other retailers and pre-orders will start next Tuesday, 12th January. The PS5 with disc drive will be IDR 49,990 (£504) (US$684) and the digital edition at IDR 39,990 […]

Apple TV app for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 now available

It has been announced today that the Apple TV app is now available on the new PlayStation 5 and the existing PlayStation 4, bringing Apple TV+ content, Apple TV channels and purchased content from iTunes. Just recently, the Apple TV app was made available on the new Xbox Series S and Series X too. The Apple TV app on the Apple TV works different to how it works on third […]

This is the Sony PS5

Last night, Sony unveiled the PlayStation 5 to the world as well as a lot of news about new games. Sony actually has two different consoles that are going to be available, one with a disc drive and one without, aptly named the Digital Edition. The one with the disc has a bulge at the side which kind of makes it look like it was designed from the get go […]

Sony to limit PlayStation download speeds

Sony has reduced the download speeds between you and its servers, but only for game downloads in the US and Europe. Sony is hoping this will help reduce the amount of bandwidth used to help stabilise the network for users, as a lot more people are using the the PSN network during the coronavirus outbreak, with a lot of people now staying home and self isolating. Sony is only reducing […]

The original Sony PlayStation launched 25 years ago today

25 years a really long time in the tech world, and exactly 25 years ago to this date Sony launched the original PlayStation to the world in Japan on 3rd December 1994. The whole premise is that, late into the 1980s Nintendo wanted to produce a CD-ROM accessory for the then – upcoming Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). To do this, Nintendo reached out to Sony to help make this […]

Sony is now allowing users to change PSN Online ID names

Sony is finally catching up with Microsoft on a feature which the Xbox has had for a number of years now, the ability to change your user ID for the PlayStation network. As of last week, Sony has now enabled the option for users to change their PSN Online ID. Your first change is free of charge, which is nice but any additional changes to your ID will cost $10 […]

PlayStation Plus members will be able to vote what games will be free

For people who don’t know what PlayStation Plus is, it is a membership system for PlayStatin users, they can pay per moth for a free game a month. The system costs £4.49 per month and like Xbox Live is needed to use most of the console features; such as playing online, automatic upses and discounts. Now Sony is adding something extra for members, the ability to vote which games are […]