Sony is now offering a three month Apple TV+ trial for PS4 users

Sony has announced last week that existing PlayStation 4 owners can claim an extended free trial to Apple TV+. Usually, Apple offers a one month trial for the service, but is offering an extended trial if you sign up on the PS4 console. The free trial will be redeemable on the PlayStation 4 only, users must be new to Apple TV+ and have an Apple ID too. Once the trial […]

Apple Music is now available on the PS5

This week, Apple has made the official Apple Music app available on the Sony PlayStation 5, marking the first time the music service has been fully integrated into a games console. For a couple of weeks, some users on the PS5 have been reporting that the Apple Music app has been appearing. The new app allows users to access Apple Music from within games and it also supports background play, […]

GTA Online is being shut down for Xbox 360 and PS3 later this year

Rockstar has announced today that later this year, the GTA Online service for older gaming consoles is being shut down. Come the 16th December 2021 the online multiplayer section of Grand Theft Auto V will no longer be available for those users on consoles from two generations ago. However, Rockstar has been keen to point out that the local story mode of the game will be unaffected – it is just the […]

Sony has already sold 7.8 million PS5s

The next generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft haven’t been on sale that long and both companies have had issues with stock and consoles being sold out and in a lot of cases they are still hard to get hold of. However, despite this Sony has sold absolutely tons of PlayStation 5 consoles. In around five months, Sony has sold 7.8 million consoles and 3.3 million of them were sold […]

Sony has now sold over 4 million PS5

Sony has sold a lot of PlayStation 5 units since the new console was launched back in November last year, so many the company has never had enough in stock for ages to sell to customers at all. However in those few months, Sony has sold 4.5 million units in 2020 alone which shows a massive increase in sales for the company, especially compared to the last generation console, the […]

PlayStation 5 is launching in India next month

In a few weeks time, the new PlayStation 5 is set to launch in India for the first time, with news from Sony coming the other day via Twitter. The console will go on sale on 2nd February via Amazon, Flipkart and other retailers and pre-orders will start next Tuesday, 12th January. The PS5 with disc drive will be IDR 49,990 (£504) (US$684) and the digital edition at IDR 39,990 […]

Apple TV app is now coming to more Sony TVs

The Apple TV is yet again rolling out to more TVs, this time Sony is acting on its promise from 2019 to add to the app to its line of smart TVs, the app was started to roll out, but as it happens only one line of TVs received the app, the X900H line of TVs. Apple TV app, when on non Apple platforms provides access to Apple TV Channels, […]

Apple TV app for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 now available

It has been announced today that the Apple TV app is now available on the new PlayStation 5 and the existing PlayStation 4, bringing Apple TV+ content, Apple TV channels and purchased content from iTunes. Just recently, the Apple TV app was made available on the new Xbox Series S and Series X too. The Apple TV app on the Apple TV works different to how it works on third […]

Apple TV app coming to the PS4 and PS5 soon

Apple is busy expanding the reach of the Apple TV app to other platforms other than its own, such as Smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV sticks, Roku boxes as well as the web. Now it looks like Apple will soon be adding the app to the PlayStation 4 and the new upcoming PlayStation 5. Just earlier this month, support for Sony TVs was added and also support for Xbox is […]

Apple TV app now available on new Sony Android TVs

Apple is busy expanding the reach of the Apple TV app to more and more third party platforms, such as smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV sticks and more. The main reason Apple is expanding its app is for the Apple TV+ service which launched last year and also in the Apple TV app you do have access to your iTunes purchases of TV Shows and Movies. The next place Apple […]