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Sky announces Sky Stream, a new satellite-less set top box

Sky has this week announced its all new broadband based set top box called Sky Stream. The new box looks similar to an Apple TV and uses broadband only to get content to show to the user. This moves away from the current system which uses digital satellites but Sky is looking to move away from using satellites and to use broadband instead. The first product Sky launched that used […]

Sky has delayed the rollout of Sky Go for Apple TV

Late last year, Sky announced that soon customers using the Apple TV would be able to access Sky Go with a release date of the “first half of 2022”. The company has declined to comment on when exactly the app will be released or why it has been delayed. Sky might have just been slow to get started. The company announced the app in October and only just started sending […]

New Sky Q will be launching February 9th, for £42 a month and upwards

Back in November of last year Sky announced it’s new plans to revive its range of set top boxes, routers and more importantly the remote control for the Sky box. Last autumn, Sky revealed three new set top boxes the Sky Q, Sky Q Silver and Sky Q Mini as well as the Sky Q Hub which is a broadband router for the company’s internet services. Earlier today, Sky finally […]

Sky is now offering a year of free broadband

Nothing is free, that’s what you always here but in Sky’s latest deal it is offering a free year of broadband to new customers. The latest deal started last week and the basic fibre package from Sky which is usually £10 per month, will be no charge for the 12 month contract. A lot of the time with broadband packages, the company will offer a reduced price as a initial […]

New Now TV box coming in August

Back in February, Sky unveiled that they are planning to release a “next generation NOW TV box” this year in an investor meeting, by accident. Now, Sky has revealed some more information regarding the new box as well as a new plan for Sky Sports. The new box will launch later this year in August with an ethernet port, which should make connections more reliable as network drop-outs ruin the […]