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Come September 1, support for the classic version of Skype will end

Later this year, in September Microsoft will be ending the support for the older version of Skype, with version 8.0 replacing the older ‘Classic’ 7.0 version. The company is urging customers to upgrade at some point between now and September 1st 2018, which is the cut off date. Earlier this month, on July 16th – Microsoft released Skype 8.0 for Windows desktop and this will now replace Skype 7.0 and […]

Microsoft launches new Skype design for Windows and Mac

Skype got a renewed mobile interface back in June, amongst some controversy. It featured a new colourful interface, with a bigger focus on messaging. Since Skype has been around, the mindshare for its use is always for video chats, whether that be for meetings or just for leisure. Windows and Mac Now, that new look interface is now available from today, on Windows and Mac. The new design includes customisable […]

Microsoft announces Skype Meetings, a free tool for SMBs

Microsoft today has unveiled a new free tool for small businesses, it’s basically a light version of Skype Business and allows users to video chat with up to 10 people for the first 60 days of using it and then only 3 thereafter, if you need more people Microsoft is basically saying purchase Office 365 which has Skype Business included. This new tool dubbed Skype Meetings is free for small […]

Skype for Web now supports making phone calls

For a long time, Skype has traditionally been a proprietary desktop app so users on Chromebooks couldnt use the service, instead reverting to Google’s own Hangouts service or another web based system. But the new Skype for Web service is web only and has slowly been adding features and now users can call mobile and landline phones using it, without a plugin all using HTML5. The site now has a a […]

Skype brings free group chats to Windows tablets

Skype has now made group video calling free, for Windows tablets and the Surface range compatible to speak with up to 10 people at a time. Back in April, Skype did bring a bucket load of changes to their services and this is following that. The new system for Windows, analyses the video experience and can tell who the three most talkative people are and the device owner at the […]