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Tesla has rolled out support for all electric cars to charge on its Supercharger network in the Netherlands

Tesla has been adding support for other electric cars to charge at its Supercharger network for a little while now, in the Netherlands. The company started a small pilot in November 2021 with just ten Supercharger stations having support. Now, all 36 Supercharger stations in the Netherlands can accept Tesla’s to charge as well as any third party models. Tesla is also going to be starting expanding the program to […]

Tesla is not going to be launching any new models this year

Tesla has recently announced that it will not be launching any new models this year, with the year 2023 set as the earliest this will happen. The company is currently focusing on getting out of the supply chain issues and making sure it can produce enough cats in a global scale. Tesla has the Roadster, Semi and Cybertruck all waiting to be released and all of them were announced a […]

Tesla is recalling over 800,000 vehicles due to faulty seat belt chimes

Tesla has issued a recall for 817,143 cars due to an issue with the seat belt chime. The Associated Press have reported the news this week and said that it is affecting all versions of the Model Y and Model 3, as well as some newer versions of the Model S and Model X. This software error could not allow the audible chime to sound if it detects a user driving with […]

Tesla publishes new video showing off how the HEPA filter works

Tesla has recently uploaded a video to its YouTube channel showing off the capabilities of the HEPA filter which is included on the Model S and Model X. The car can be programmed to enter “bioweapon defense mode” which helps keep particles and other nasty things in the air out of the interior. In the video, Tesla pits a BMW SUV up against its own Model X and uses a […]

Tesla launches ‘TeslaMic’ in China for use with karaoke

In China, Tesla is now selling an official microphone for use with the cars built in karaoke feature. The ‘TeslaMic’ is only available in China for now and should come to other countries soon. The TeslaMic comes at the same time as a new software update for Tesla’s, in which a karaoke platform called Leishi KTV was added as part of a Chinese New Year software update. TeslaMic is available […]

Tesla Cybertruck pushed back to 2023

Tesla has delayed the Cybertruck to 2023, but it was originally supposed to go on sale this year. The company has removed any reference to 2022 from its website but it now says that production will start in Q1 2023. Tesla originally debuted the Cybertruck back in 2019, at that event it said that production would start at the end of 2021. Tesla has now gone from being one of […]

Tesla Superchargers are now in all 50 US states

Tesla has this week announced that it now has Supercharger locations available for the public in all 50 US states. Earlier in the week, the company announced that a new location was made live in Hawaii, specifically in the town of Aiea with six stalls available. This is actually the second Supercharger supercharger location in Hawaii, the first is not available for public use as it was installed especially by […]

Tesla adds active noise reduction to the Model S and Model X

Tesla has now added ‘Active Road Noise Reduction’ to the latest Model S and Model X electric cars. The new feature is available now via a software update and uses very similar technology found in headphones that have ANC built in to reduce the surrounding noise. Tesla say that Active Road Noise Reduction uses two microphones in the front seats that measures the interior noise, then the speakers will push […]

Tesla Model 3 could have been the best selling car in Europe last year

The Tesla Model 3 might have been the best selling electric car in Europe and the UK last year, with around 112,000 sales between January 2021 and November. The figures for December should come in soon but it does look like Tesla has had the best selling car last year. In comparison, Volkswagen sold 62,467 ID3 cars in those eleven months, which is an 124% increase compared to 2020. Not […]

Tesla will now stop people from playing games while moving

With its latest update, which was released this week – Tesla has now stopped allowing users to play games whilst the car is in motion. This update follows on from a new feature that Tesla released called Passenger Play, which allowed basically anyone to play games on the screen in the car, while the car was moving. The issue with Passenger Play was that, well it relied on someones good […]