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Eve will start selling ‘Matter ready’ accessories from March

Eve has this week announced at CES 2023, that some of its accessories including the Eve Door and Window, Eve Energy, and Eve Motion will come with Matter support baked in, ready to use out of the box with support for Matter. Currently, these devices are available for a firmware update to convert them from HomeKit only to Matter. Eve has already starting rolling out the firmware required to these […]

One of these Thread border routers will make your home ready for Matter

The seamless future of the smart home is nearly here. Not so long ago, Apple, Samsung, Amazon and Google all teamed up to make the world of the smart home much simpler and inter-connected. Thread the main wireless protocol that Matter will use as well as WiFi – has received a new major update, which brings a huge change for device connectivity. Thread 1.3.0 has been releases and will allow […]