Ubiquiti UISP Console now on sale in the EU and UK

Ubiquiti has this week, made the new UISP Console available in the EU and UK. The device has been in the EA store for a good number of months, but at the time of writing it is still the case in the US Ubiquiti store. However, here in the UK and EU, the UISP Console is now GA, its in stock and available to purchase now. So, what is the […]

Ubiquiti releases UniFi Connect to the public – its new ‘EoT’ platform

Ubiquiti this week has made UniFi Connect available to the general public, after a long period in beta. Ubiquiti first released some information about the new platform back in April 2022. It is being pitched as something Ubiquiti has called the “Enterprise of Things (EoT).” What this really means is a set of hardware and software designed for businesses, including LED light panels, touchscreens, digital signage and more. Yesterday, the […]

Ubiquiti raises price of the unlocked UniFi Phone Touch Max

Ubiquiti has raised the prices of the unlocked version of the UniFi Phone Touch Max this week, as spotted by Ubiquiti YouTuber, Cody MacCallum. The two touchscreen UniFi Talk phones are both available as either a locked or unlocked model, with relatively higher prices on the unlocked versions. However, as Cody noted, Ubiquiti has raised the price of the Phone Touch Max by a huge amount, jumping from $129 to […]

Ubiquiti updates its logo, with new simpler design

Today, Ubiquiti has updated its logo for the first time in a while. The new design is pretty similar to the outgoing version, retaining the same block design on the U and same colour scheme. The old logo was designed by Ralph Pato and replaced the OG version from 2003. Credit to @MacTelecomN on Twitter for spotting the change and it looks like the company has been pretty quick to […]

Ubiquiti 2022 – Year in Review

Every year, Ubiquiti comes out with a lot of new products and we’re going to look back on the past twelve months of releases, software updates and more. This year, the new UDM SE was released, the G4 Doorbell Pro was announced and much much more. See below for the full breakdown: January Ubiquiti G4 Doorbell Pro was released to EA Ubiquiti UDM SE released airOS 8.7.7 released for airMAX […]

Ubiquiti releases UISP 1.5.7 with support for SSO on airOS

Ubiquiti has today released UISP 1.5.7, after being available in the EA Early Access program for around a week or so. This release is actually fairly large and contains support for new devices and support for Ubiquiti SSO for airOS devices, which would be supremely useful for MSPs and WISPs. SSO for airOS devices does require version 8.8.0 or later, which isn’t available yet. Ubiquiti has also added support for […]

Ubiquiti releases the first three devices for UISP Wave – its new 60GHz PTMP platform

This week, Ubiquiti has made the first three products in the UISP Wave family available in the US and the EU, starting with the UISP Wave AP as well as the Long-Range and Nano CPE devices. Ubiquiti announced the new UISP Wave product line back in June this year and the devices have been in EA since around that time, with more devices due to be available sometime soon. In […]

Ubiquiti releases UniFi OS 2.x for UDM/UDM Pro to EA

This week, Ubiquiti has dropped UniFi OS 2.x for the UDM and UDM Pro, but the release is only in the EA (Early Access) channels at the moment. Head of cybersecurity at Ubiquiti, Marcus Mariel tweeted out this week what UniFi OS 2.4 is out now for the UDM and UDM Pro. For quite a while, the UDM and UDM Pro have been out of sync with the newer UDM […]

Ubiquiti releases UniFi OS 3.x for UDM SE, UCK-G2, UNVR and UDR

Around two weeks ago, Ubiquiti released the first version of UniFi OS 3.x for its UniFi OS Consoles, including the UDM SE, UCK-G2, UNVR and UDR. For those users on the UDM and the UDM Pro, Ubiquiti has publicly commented numerous times that a version of UniFi OS 2.x is in the works and is currently undergoing testing to ensure migrations are worry-free and seamless. However, Ubiquiti has been working […]

Ubiquiti reveals the UniFi Mobile Router – currently in Early Access

Ubiquiti has today revealed the all new, UniFi Mobile Router which seems to be squarely aimed at transportation and couriering businesses. The unit connects to the mobile phone networks, using 3G, 4G and 5G. (based on the screenshots in the YouTube video) Something that is becoming a habit for Ubiquiti LTE devices is in the US, they are always locked to the AT&T network and this device is no different. […]