Author: Alex Lowe

New laptops from Acer rival Chromebooks, but run Windows 10

Acer is entering Google’s territory with its new Cloudbook laptops which are very similarly priced and specced. Not long ago HP entered the really cheap Windows laptops with the HP Stream 11, now Acer is not only competing with HP but Google as well with its Chromebook devices. The two new laptops are named the Aspire One Cloudbook 11 and 14 which run Windows 10 and are powerful enough to run the […]

PlayStation Plus members will be able to vote what games will be free

For people who don’t know what PlayStation Plus is, it is a membership system for PlayStatin users, they can pay per moth for a free game a month. The system costs £4.49 per month and like Xbox Live is needed to use most of the console features; such as playing online, automatic upses and discounts. Now Sony is adding something extra for members, the ability to vote which games are […]

Opinion: Windows 10 is good for Microsoft and this can only get better

So Windows 10 launched last week and as it turns out, it’s a massive hit, with 14m people downloaded it within 24 hours, partly because it is free. But with this post, I wanted it to be part review, part information on why Windows 10 is good for Microsoft. 10, 9, 8… So Windows 10 is actually going to be the last version of Windows, which is a surprise, but […]

Samsung will let you delete bloatware, in China

Samsung has always had an issue with crappy software being included with its phones, in fact most of the Android phones have this issue apart from the fantastic ‘stock’ Android devices from Nexus or Motorola. But recently, China has had recent lawsuits over whether or not bloatware should be included in phones, but as a decision hasn’t been made, Samsung isn’t waiting around, it’s taking action now. Samsung will start […]

Amazon is offering £10 off any £50 order today

Amazon for one day only is offering £10 off any order that is over £50. So if Prime Day wasn’t up to scratch for you, this should be good. The offer is only available in the UK and it is only on for one day. This deal is to celebrate being named the top retailer in the UK, a survey was performed with 20,000 by Havas to determine the best […]

BMW is now paying i3 owners to charge at non-peak times

Owners of the BMW i3 electric car will start being paid by BMW if they only charge it during non-peak times to help the overall usage of electricity be reduced. The BMW i3 can be charged at home or at places where it can be powered up quickly. This new trail is running from July 2015 to December 2016 within California. How does it work? BMW will have the ability to […]

So far, 14m people have upgraded to Windows 10

Windows 10 is here, and we are just two days in and already, 14 million people have upgraded. Looks like the idea of free has paid off and a lot of people took the opportunity to upgrade from Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. Demand for free Microsoft got this right as in the first 24 hours, 14 million people downloaded th latest version of Windows and I think that a lot […]

Fallout 4 won’t support mods

At E3 this year, we had a few surprises, but one of them was that the upcoming Fallout 4 would be supporting user mods on PC and Xbox One, but now we know that that won’t be happening at all. The reason behind this is, according to IGN that the tools to make the mods don’t actually exist. Bethesda Softworks’ has said that the team working on the game is currently focused on making the […]

Samsung Galaxy S6 sales were disappointing, so it will be discounted

This seems to be a recurring trend with Samsung as of late – disappointing sales. The company’s predictions for the second quarter of this year were correct, it didn’t make any of its goals for sales and the overall profits dropped. The profits for the company dropped by four percent to $5.9 billion and the mobile division of Samsung dropped to $2.4 billion, which last year was $3.8 billion. To remedy this, […]

Virgin Media fibre coming to Leeds, UK

Virgin Media is expanding it’s super-fast broadband to UK city Leeds. Just last month the company installed the service in its first UK city and now Leeds will be the next for a huge expansion of £3 billion. Manchester was the other city that Virgin Media has already expanded to, although BT using Openreach has a good eighty percent of the market in the UK covered with fibre. Virgin Media […]