Author: Alex Lowe

How Windows 10 insiders will upgrade to the final version

Early adopters who have been testing Windows 10 for the past few months have, until now been left in the dark on how Microsoft is planning on supporting the users who have installed the preview. Questions such as how will I upgrade to a full version of Windows 10 once it is released? Now Microsoft has shed some light on the situation and how users go about upgrading to a […]

Apple music will cost £9.99 in UK, €9.99 in the rest of Europe

At Apple’s WWDC last week, the company unveiled its new music streaming service, Apple Music. It launches June 30 at $9.99 per month in the US, but Apple hasn’t unveiled the pricing for the UK and the rest of Europe. iDownloadBlog has recently received some information from a iOS 8.4 beta showing the pricing for Apple Music, as it looks the service will be the same number value, but here in the […]

Twitter want to replace the favourite star with a heart

  Twitter seems to be always experimenting as to how the social network works. The latest move from Twitter is to replace the favourite star with a heart, but only on the Android app for now. The heart symbol is currently being testing in two different designs: circle hearts or borderless hearts. For now, only a certain number of users will be seeing the change. Only recently, previous investor in Twitter […]

Some independent artists won’t be on Apple Music

Apple Music won’t see a number of the independent music artists available on the service as they are unhappy with the royalty fee deals. Set for release on June 30, Apple Music may be missing a few artists. Beggars Group have stated that it is “very concerned, especially for artist releasing albums in the next three months.” In the long free trail for Apple Music, the company won’t be paying out […]

Nest moves into home security, with Nest Cam

Last week we reported that Droid-Life leaked further detail on to what Nest may be working on. Now Nest at its press event showed of the Nest Cam. Heavily based on what Dropcam had be making the Nest Cam is the company’s first move into home security. In many ways the Nest Cam is very similar to the past offerings from Dropcam with the ability to record video and store it in […]

Major flaw with Samsung phones allows hackers to control phones

It has been revealed that Samsung Galaxy phones have a weakness which allows hackers to easily break into the phone, spy on the users activity and control the device. The root of the problem is the packaged system keyboard which is essentially a redesigned version of SwiftKey. Every now and again, the keyboard requests new updates to see if any are available, currently with the exploit, hackers can easily intercept […]

EE launch Go-Pro rival which can stream over 4G

EE are getting into the hardware business, with its range of phones and tablets named after birds as well as the various MiFi devices it seems that with the latest move EE want a slice of the camera market. This move is a rather odd one for a phone carrier. The 4GEE Action Cam is a take at the offering from GoPro, but it offers something extra with live streaming over 4G, […]

Last Top Gear episode will air on June 28

  The two words Top Gear must have been mentioned so much over the past few months; the initial news go the fracas with the show’s producer back in March, the possibility of the show coming to Netflix and any other news in between. But now, the last episode of Top Gear with Jeremy Clarkson will be shown on June 28th on BBC 2. The episode is to be a special episode, no […]

New Now TV box coming in August

Back in February, Sky unveiled that they are planning to release a “next generation NOW TV box” this year in an investor meeting, by accident. Now, Sky has revealed some more information regarding the new box as well as a new plan for Sky Sports. The new box will launch later this year in August with an ethernet port, which should make connections more reliable as network drop-outs ruin the […]

Sea of Thieves from Rare will be on Xbox and Windows 10

Rare have a brand new game named Sea of Thieves which is coming soon. The most intriguing part is the fact it will launch not only on Xbox One, but Windows 10 as well. Sea of Thieves is the most ambitious game that the company has made, according to Rare. The game will allow platers to play together in groups, explore various islands and fight enemies whilst hunting for treasure. The trailer is below […]