Charging Status

Charging Status: November 2022

Today, the second episode of the ‘Charging Status’ podcast has gone live. This is a new podcast as the result of a new partnership between James from Crossed Wires and the interface. In this November 2022 episode,  “There’s been a lot of EV and charging news since we last recorded, so we run through all the latest UK focussed news and try to add our thoughts to the stories. Also, Alex […]

Charging Status: October 2022

Today, we are pleased to announce we have partnered up with James from Crossed Wires for a brand new podcast called ‘Charging Status’. As the name suggests, this is all about electric vehicles and here at the interface we publish a lot of news about the latest in the EV space. There is a lot happening at the moment, with new brands, new cars and even more happening with charging. There aren’t […]