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Starting June, some Apple Retail Stores will stock Apple Watch

Apple is planing on getting the Apple Watch into Retail Stores by June, as the initial plan was to make the watch an online exclusive in May. Also Apple has had enormous supply and stock issues with a lot of orders taking multiple months, but Apple is still aiming to get the Apple Watch into stores by June. Tim Cook recently visited China, on that visit he spoke with Apple’s […]

First Apple Watch software update launches, with bug fixes and more

Today, the first software update for the Apple Watch launched, bringing a number of bug fixes and performance improvements. The Apple Watch initially went on sale on April 24 shipping with version 1.0 of Watch OS. The update is handled through the Apple Watch app which is pre-installed on iPhone. You can update by going to Settings > General > Software Update. Version 1.0.1 brings some much needed performance improvements […]

Third party straps are coming for Apple Watch

The official Apple Watch straps are fairly pricey, apart from the Sport band, but there is a large selection from less expensive Sport band to the Link bracelet. More options for the Apple Watch would certainly be nice as well as some cheaper options, but Cupertino wouldn’t come out with bands which are that cheap so now the company from yesterday is allowing companies to make third-party bands for the Apple […]

‪Volkswagen‬ now have a ‪Apple‬ Watch app

A few car manufacturers are jumping on the Apple Watch band wagon, BMW or instance already has an app for their electric range of cars to check the battery level and more. Now the next company is Volkswagen, its new Car-Net app is coming soon to the Apple Watch and it will feature handy statistics and information about the users car, such as the fuel or battery level. More features for […]

Latest Android Wear update makes it more like Apple Watch

Launched before the Apple Watch, Android Wear wasn’t adopted at the rate as the latest offering from Cupertino, but this week Google has released and update for the platform which brings Android Wear closer to the Apple Watch. A number of changes are brought with the update such as WiFi support, new hand gestures and something which sounds familiar to Apple’s Digital Touch; hand-drawn emoji. The hand-drawn emoji feature came […]

‪‎Apple‬ Watch orders are now marked as “Preparing for Shipment”

This week the order statuses have been changing from “Processing Items” to “Preparing for Shipment.” The first orders were made a few weeks back on Friday April 10 and it has taken around a two weeks to begin shipping. The shipping dates are still around 24/4 to 8/5 for early orders. The Apple Watch pre-orders began on April 10 and within moments the shipment times slipped to late June and […]

Training for Apple Store employees as begun for the Apple Watch

Last week, Apple began training the Retail Store employees in counties across the world. This includes the US and the UK with the details on the Apple Watch. This shows Apple’s first move on the Apple Watch, regarding retail stores – but the training isn’t going to release any new details but no long ago we said that Apple may be using jewellery shop sales and new store layout techniques. […]

Gold Apple Watches may be kept in safes overnight in Apple Stores

The Apple Watch has been appearing in the news a lot recently, not only that we now know that it will be arriving in April, but now there is a report from Mark Gurman at 9to5Mac that the Apple Watch ‘Edition’ will be kept in safes overnight. Mark claims that he was told by sources that Apple Retail stores will have specially designed safes to hold the gold version of […]