New Chrome update will show HTTP websites as unsecure

The recent rise of websites supporting HTTPS has grown significantly in the past few years and while sites such as banking and actually any site where personal information is transmitted should be encrypted, it has been widely considered ‘unimportant’ to enable HTTPS on standard sites, like news websites, cafe sites etc. But to is very important to turn on, A&T Tech Back in April last year, we enabled HTTPS on […]

A&T Tech website now supports HTTPS traffic by default

This week while browsing the A&T Tech website, you may have noticed a little green padlock in your browser and a extra ‘s’ before the website address. This is because we have taken the stance to move from HTTP to HTTPS web traffic. This is a huge upgrade for the site and it marks a new era for KDL Media too, security. What is HTTPS and how does it effect me? […]